vineri, 7 octombrie 2016

I can't hear you

I do not understand why you left so many things
Unfelt. Unsaid. Unforgiven.
I do not know why everything you say
Causes. Soothes. Worsens.
All my pain

How can I, who I am drowning  in my own silence
Discover. Learn. Remember.
What sort of whimsical language  can
Reach. Touch. Tame.
Your wild heart

In the midst of this storm, how can my voice cover
The screams. The whispers. The laughter.
Of everyone else who, like us, is
Crying. Dancing. Burning.
In the rain.

If only you could find something worth-loving in this
Cruel. Fragile. Bizzare.
Figure of mine, I would have found the right
Words. Songs. Prayers.
To save us.

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